this morning i woke up late; which is a first. But i woke up and everybody else in the house had gone, my entire family had just vanished overnight.. i was a bit upset by this and after trying to get hold of mother for a long time and when i did her telling me she can't speak right now, she's on a boat in the middle of the helford, then i was even more just a little bit upset, because they didn't even leave a note or anything.
so i decided that i'd trek along to trevarno, with Liv, as her mumma works there and it;s always lovely..
we saw some very exotic reindeers,
found a feild that went perfectly with my hayfever,,

jumped about a bit;

took pictures of our feet, as you do, and i discovered that i dress like an eighty year old woman, with my loafers and tights..

and this peacock made me jump on numerous occassions, but i still love him.

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  1. Well, you're the trendiest 80 year old in Falmoothshire. I've been wearing tights and loafers for *years*, so they *must* be cooool!


    (Reminds me, must take a few more pictures of my feet...)

    Have a grand day