green man festival- you saucy minx.

there are too many roundabouts in Wales. I swear.
i've been to a festival. green man.. it was w o o o o o o o :) as well as having to survive in the torrential rain for the first couple of days, (serious worries about tents flooding in the mud) and surviving in the absolutely minging toilet conditions (totally over used and filled with awful smells and spiders, eek) there was the music.
best bit? entirely. I didn't manage to get round to seeing everybody, but the bands i did see were mighty amazing.
Laura marling is forever a poetic genius and i envy her hair completely :'}
Johnny Flynn, i physically and mentally melted when he smiled at me. tehe.
Mumford & Sons, i don't think those brilliant chaps need a description they were so great.
Chew Lips, Summer camp, Fanfarlo, The flaming lips, beirut, girls, joanna newsom; aaaamazing?!
but i think the band that most wowed me had to be Darwin Deeez. WHOA. his phycadelic electric tunes are perfect; and then between songs having him and his crew doing 80's dances? i think they've got it sorted.
then met him afterwards!!!! lovely man. :)
hmf not any pictures cause they are being needed to be processed but i'll see when i can sort that out :) as soon as i have them i'll definatley post some for you my lovelies...

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