J is Jessy
she is my best friend for life. (as are Issy Liv Elena Anna Floss..) But anywho Jessy wants a post so a post she will get. (That bit about the 'for life' should have made her smirk/grin/roll on the floor laughing; because we had a laugh in english about someone saying something like that..)
annnnnyway so yes everybody meet Jessy. She is very very very lovely and wonderful and amazing and fabulous and beautiful and lovely.

this is us when we were about, five. tehe jessys the very very cute one with the orange dress


  1. Hi Lily!! I really like your blog!! You and Jessy were more like 2 ish in this photo!! You are both super cuties!! xxoo

  2. HI GLYN! thankyou :) :)
    i'll follow you? xxxx